There are many bright minds with brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, but they fall short when it comes to funding. Taking this idea to the next stage becomes a difficult task, especially for first generation entrepreneurs. We aim to identify such talent through this competition, ‘Best Idea of the Month’. Winners each month will be awarded with SeedFund subject to a maximum of Rs.50 lakhs.
Our Company, Addon Affiliate Services OPC Privated Limited, has taken the initiative of conducting this programme under the brand name ‘Panamaram’.
In addition to Mentorship from experts and incubation from renowned institutions, the winner of gets Seedfund of a maximum amount of Rs.50 lakhs. Above all, the winner is selected by voting process by thousands of customers themselves. Therefore, the winner also gets his/her first few thousand initial customers from the event too.
Do you have a bright new business idea? Take a 3 minute video explaining your entrepreneurship idea and send it here.Every month, 5 ideas are chosen for the final round of the competition.
If the idea you have submitted gets selected, you will be informed 15 days in advance of the day of the competition.
You can submit any number of ideas, but each video can be about only one business idea. At the same time, please DO NOT send the same idea under different names.
The selected entrepreneurs will be expected to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of Juries. Each participant will be given a max of 10 minutes. The questions and doubts expressed by the jury should be addressed with precise replies. The jury will discuss and deliberate in detail all the proposals put forward before them.
Neither the judges, nor our Company will decide the winner of the contest. The videos showcasing the contestant’s ideas and the explanations given by the candidate to the judges’ questions will be made available on our website. The registered users of our website will decide whose Idea they like the most and vote for that idea. Each users gets only one vote and the candidate who gets the most votes, is the winner for that month. Voting goes on for exactly one week from the date of the competition. The results of the contest will be announced online and the winner will be declared.
Industrial experts, successful startup entrepreneurs, investors and experts from different fields, comprising a group will judge each contest. To know more about the jury, click HERE .
Those interested in entrepreneurship and those interested in encouraging new entrepreneurs form the base of our Users. The winner gets not only financial aid, he also gets lakhs of potential customers, i.e., we give you not only funding for your enterprise, we also give you customers. After all, it is the users who have selected your idea/product/service.

Users would have understood fully about the startup’s service/product. Even before you start producing the goods, you will get your customers, prior to spending lakhs in manufacturing and marketing, even earlier to the product hitting the shelves. After winning the competition and winning the prize money, even as your product or service enters the market, you have the resounding support of thousands of users!!
To compensate for the time that the Users put in to help us make this initiative a success, we propose to give them discount coupons or cashback offers from winning Startups.
This pitching event and the subsequent processes can be accessed on our website for free by anyone. But, the exclusive privilege to Vote for their favorite idea is an entitlement meant for the Users only which is again FREE of cost.
No. In order to help our Users make the best choice from the contestants, the panel’s job is only to analyze the shortcomings in the project and provide the advice needed for the projects. They do not make any investment.
You must register in our website for FREE to get voting privileges.
Anyone living in Tamil Nadu.
We welcome innovative, economically viable ideas that can solve any common problem in the community. At the same time, Not-for Profit type ideas are also welcome. Don't waste time sending any ideas that are aimed only at personal income or profit. In short, only entrepreneurial ideas that can solve any common problem that can contribute to society will be considered, not self employment ideas.
Age is not a bar.
We aim to help ideas at the very early stage. So, its enough if you have just an idea. If your idea is selected as the best in the competition, we offer mentorship and incubation to polish your idea. So, you do not have to own a prototype or MVP.
Fifty lakh rupees is not a fixed amount for the winners. The investment amount will be given according to each idea. Some ideas may require only 10 lakhs and others may 25 lakhs. Therefore, the competitor has to prove the need for the amount he demands for during the pitching. The jury's questions on how the requested funds will be used should also be adequately explained. It is necessary to ensure that the funds so requested do not exceed a maximum of fifty lakh rupees.
Its not a grant. It’s a seedfund Investment.
It all depends. There are separate slabs depending on the Seedfund expected and the industry you intend to work on. First of all, the applicant will be given choice of selecting the percentage he/she is willing to dilute for the investment expected. When you are notified that your application has been selected for the competition, you will be called for a discussion. Based on the outcome of the discussion and negotiations, .the deal will be finalized and an MoU will be signed.

Having said that, our aim is to promote entrepreneurship and not taking control of your idea.
Products and Services that can develop a Minimum Viable Product within six months of receiving the investment will be accepted. Do not apply for ideas that needs investment in excess of Rs. 50 Lakhs just for working prototype. Products and Services that can develop a Minimum Viable Product within six months of receiving the investment will be accepted. Do not apply for ideas that needs investment in excess of Rs. 50 Lakhs just for working prototype.
Put your faith in your idea. The innovation of the idea, what problem does it solve, time to realize the product/service, and RoI are the only factors will determine the fate of the idea. The innovators educational background and past experience will be taken into consideration.
We cannot guarantee that no one will ever copy your idea before or after pitching your idea on our website. At the same time, it is an unwritten rule in the market that ideas constitute only 5%, but the execution that matters the most. If you are worried about your idea may be copied by others, please refrain from applying. We wish you Good Luck!

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